World Radio Day is marked on Feb.13 every year to celebrate a medium that has sustained over time by providing education, information, and entertainment.

World Radio Day (WRD) was first celebrated as an international day on Feb.13, 2012, after UNESCO established the day to create awareness of the importance of radio, recognizing the power of the timeless medium.

This year's WRD celebrations mark the 11th edition of the event and UNESCO calls on radio stations around the world to join the day's celebrations based on three subthemes: trust in radio journalism, trust and accessibility, and trust and viability of radio stations.

Here are some quotes that will help you understand the significance of radio as a medium for education and entertainment even in the modern age.

  1. More than 80 years after the world's first station was founded, radio is still the most pervasive, accessible, affordable and flexible mass medium available, especially in the developing world. – Bruce Girard
  2. Community radios provide profound new opportunities for more inclusive sustainable development. - Denise Gray-Felder
  3. Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless. - Steve Allen
  4. Combining social media and local radio is also a chance to strengthen community participation, especially of marginalized groups. - DW Akademie
  5. Radio was the tiny stream it all began with. Then came other technical means for reproducing, proliferating, amplifying sound, and the stream became an enormous river. - Milan Kundera
  6. The internet creates more of an appetite for media - it doesn't replace physical books, radio, or TV. - Marissa Maye
  7. Public radio is alive and kicking, it always has been. - Harold Brodkey
  8. There is a feeling, when you listen to the radio, that it's one person, and they're talking to you, and you really feel their presence as one person. - Ira Glass
  9. If you are interested in ideas, radio is way purer than television. You're not distracted by somebody's nose or hair or posture. You can really see how someone thinks and penetrate to the essence of who that person is. - Terry Gross
  10. I love radio - its immediacy and especially its intimacy... it is part of your life, whispering into your ear. You can't see it, but equally importantly it can't see you. - Malcolm Turnbull
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