The Cleveland Indians have the second-best record in MLB. Getty

The Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Dodgers have had two very different final stretches of the 2017 MLB season.

The Dodgers' slide in the win-loss column began on Aug. 26, when they began a five-game losing streaking that would later be followed by an 11-game losing streak. The Indians began their 22-game win streak on Aug. 24 and after the streak was snapped went on to win four consecutive games.

The disparity between the two teams has not been lost on Las Vegas oddsmakers. According to, the Indians are the favorites to win the World Series with 3/1 odds, and are followed close behind by the Dodgers at 7/2.

The Dodgers (97-56) still have the best record in baseball, which means they will have home-field advantage throughout the postseason. The Indians (95-57) have the second-best record, but are not far behind with about 10 games remaining.

Both clubs are also the clear favorites to reach the World Series. The Indians are 17/10 favorites, and comfortably ahead of the Houston Astros (5/2) and Boston Red Sox (7/2) in the American League.

The Dodgers (5/4) have a slight edge on the Washington Nationals (3/1) and Chicago Cubs (4/1). The Cubs are the only division leader that has yet to clinch a postseason berth.

Last season, the Cubs were the favorites entering the postseason, with 12/5 odds. They went on to beat the Indians in the World Series in seven games.

World Series Odds (VegasInsider)

Cleveland Indians 3/1

Los Angeles Dodgers 7/2

Houston Astros 5/1

Boston Red Sox 7/1

Washington Nationals 7/1

Chicago Cubs 8/1

New York Yankees 12/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 12/1

Los Angeles Angels 25/1

Colorado Rockies 33/1

Minnesota Twins 33/1

Milwaukee Brewers 40/1

St. Louis Cardinals 55/1

Kansas City Royals 100/1

Baltimore Orioles 100/1

Seattle Mariners 100/1

Tampa Bay Rays 100/1

Texas Rangers 100/1

American League Pennant Odds

Cleveland Indians 17/10

Houston Astros 5/2

Boston Red Sox 7/2

New York Yankees 6/1

Los Angeles Angels 12/1

Minnesota Twins 25/1

Kansas City Royals 50/1

Baltimore Orioles 50/1

Seattle Mariners 50/1

Tampa Bay Rays 50/1

Texas Rangers 50/1

National League Pennant Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers 5/4

Washington Nationals 3/1

Chicago Cubs 4/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 7/1

Colorado Rockies 20/1

St. Louis Cardinals 20/1

Milwaukee Brewers 20/1