CareerCast has released its top 200 jobs of 2013. Among the best jobs were physical therapist, optometrists, pharmacists, software engineers, and financial planners. With unemployment at 7.6% and recent graduate unemployment/underemployment rates even higher, it’s something to consider when choosing a career. Here are eight to avoid:

8. Mail Carrier

With the severe drop of letters in the digital age, the USPS’ burden of prefunding retiree health benefits, and growing financial trouble, job prospects are grim for this profession.

7. Meter Reader

With the installation of smart meters to replace traditional gas and water meters, this profession is in decline as the ability to remotely monitor customer utilities continues to grow.

6. Dairy Farmer

Long hours, low profit margins and increasing competition from larger farms makes job prospects for this profession low.

Dairy Farm
Dairy farmers face increased competition from larger farms. Reuters

5. Oil rig worker

With the rise of alternative energy, particularly solar power, this high-risk, isolated job faces a challenge in 2013.

4. Actor

“There’s no business like show business,” says the Irving Berlin song, but full-time prospects as an actor are slim and competition is fierce, except for the few who break into the spotlight.

Bryan Cranston
Actor Bryan Cranston arrives for the Time 100 gala in New York. Reuters

3. Enlisted Military Personnel

With this high-risk, dangerous job facing sequestration cuts and the general drawdown of forces, it could rank as the most stressful of 2013.

2. Lumberjack

Working in remote areas for low pay with dangerous heavy machinery, plus limited job opportunities, puts this among the worst ways to make a living in 2013.

Note: Boss, if you’re reading this article, please stop right here.

1. Newspaper Reporter

Print continues to decline as readers flock to digital outlets and rely more on social media to stay in touch with the world.

Newspaper reporter jobs continue to decline in 2013. Reuters