• "WWE 2K21" cancellation allows new producer to come up with improvements
  • Patrick Gilmore needs to work closely with "WWE 2K" staff
  • "WWE 2K20" gamers urged to report other bugs to improve next edition

Most know by now that there is no "WWE 2K21" coming, and it is not solely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gamers who have tried out "WWE 2K20" are in a better position to divulge why. The game comes with poor graphics and lots of glitches, and this is why that installment never made big strides last year.

Passing up the chance to release a "WWE 2K21" edition makes sense. As mentioned in a previous report, it gives game developers more time to address the shortcomings of the current one and determine areas of improvement. But then again, it appears there is another reason behind the cancellation. Visual Concepts wants to make sure that they get it right this time, a reason why they hired a new franchise executive producer in Patrick Gilmore. He was formerly from Amazon Games Orange County and was hired last month, Game Rant reported.

Hence, there is a new twist and it also makes sense. With a new man in the helm, shelving any plans for the next "WWE 2K" installment will give Gilmore more time to make the necessary improvements. By now, game developers have likely informed him of the feedback and the current bugs. But as most know, improvements to the game are well over that.

However, those who may be waiting for "WWE 2K21" can try out something instead. "WWE 2K Battlegrounds" was announced recently, a game 2K Games says was meant to be a filler for the next "WWE 2K" edition. So far, the response to the filler game has not been that comforting, possibly because of the disappointing performance that "WWE 2K20" showed.

Regardless, having a WWE game to play instead of none would be sufficient. Gilmore and the rest of the Visual Concepts team have a lot of work to do in the coming months. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard to collaborate closely but all concerned just need to find ways to brainstorm and come up with ways to make "WWE 2K" attractive to the gaming community once more.

Among the things fans lashed out about "WWE 2K20" include poor graphics, game bugs, and poor story mode. There are likely more areas that need to be improved and fans could help out by voicing their complaints. Some of them have been heard already and the game developing team would certainly want to find out other things that need to be worked on.

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