• CM Punk is one of the most iconic superstars the WWE had in the last decade
  • Punk is no longer competing inside the ring
  • Punk listed four superstars that he'd consider working a match with post-retirement

CM Punk has made a massive impact to the wrestling community during his stint in the WWE. He is known to have one of the longest WWE Championship reigns in the history of the company with 434 days.

The straight edge superstar possessed a full package of in-ring skills and phenomenal talent with the microphone. He pulled off matches as well as how he delivered promos.

His infamous pipe bomb segment is still remembered today as one of the biggest moments the company has seen. Punk went on a tirade about his frustrations with the company, the internal politics, and the direction it was headed as an organization. It was delivered with so much emotion that it elevated Punk’s status even further.

He’s currently not signed with the WWE but fans have been clamoring when and if he will step foot again inside the ring. He recently spoke on the possibility of whom he will wrestle with if he comes out of retirement under his conditions. “If there was a clean slate, if the money was right,” Punk mentioned.

He brought up John Cena as one of these superstars he could consider working a match inside the ring. Other than the 16-time World Champion, he also mentioned Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Will Ospreay.

Bryan is a ferocious competitor and has influenced the WWE Universe with his Yes movement. He has risen from the ranks and has accomplished multiple championships throughout his career.

Mysterio has been a constant fan favorite with his luchador style of wrestling that consists of high-flying and high-risk maneuvers. His move set and persona remain to be one of the more iconic figures in the industry.

Ospreay, on the other hand, has made a name for himself outside the WWE, dazzling the crowds across different arenas. He is currently one of the top wrestlers in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

These big names are merely options for Punk as nothing has yet been formalized. But these names are on top of his mind as possible feuds if ever a situation arises for a comeback.

CM Punk says he was fired from WWE in June.