Undertaker Brock Lesnar WWE
Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker at WWE Hell in a Cell, winning two of their three matches since WrestleMania 30. Getty

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 more than delivered on Sunday night, as the pay-per-view featured a major return and one of the best matches of the year. The final chapter in the feud between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar exceeded the hype that surrounded it, and the conclusion of the PPV set up an upcoming storyline.

Lesnar and The Undertaker had the best match of their current rivalry, and WWE gave a decisive conclusion to their feud. Following their match, all four members of the Wyatt Family, (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman) entered the ring and attacked The Undertaker, dragging him backstage as the PPV went off the air.

John Cena lost his United States Championship to a WWE superstar that hadn’t been with the company in over a year. No other titles changed hands.

Below are the complete results for the PPV, including a quick recap of every match on the card.

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (Hell in a Cell Match)

Even at 50 years old, The Undertaker was part of one of the most physical matches WWE has seen in a long time. Both the Deadman and Lesnar were bleeding just a few minutes into the match, and the two wrestlers didn’t hold back during any point in the cell. Lesnar delivered brutal chair shots and punches to The Undertaker, while the Phenom delivered a Chokeslam to Lesnar on the exposed ring, which was torn apart by the former UFC champ. After one Tombstone Piledriver didn’t get the job done, The Undertaker was looking for a second one. But a low blow and a third F5 put an end to the match, as well as this long-running feud.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell Match)

The first Hell in a Cell match stole the show, but Reigns and Wyatt had an entertaining battle on Sunday. Foreign objects played a big role in the match, as a steel chair was used and both men were put through tables. Multiple kendo sticks were used, and that’s what eventually did Wyatt in. Reigns pushed Wyatt into a kendo stick, which was wedged into the turnbuckle, and he hit a spear for the victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Kane dominated the match early, eventually hitting Rollins with a Chokeslam, but there was never much doubt that Rollins would get the victory. Rollins avoided a Tombstone Piledriver and left the ring, putting himself in a position to powerbomb Kane through the Spanish announce table, though the table didn’t break. After a sequence that included two flying knees to the head, two kicks to the head and a Frog Splash wasn’t enough to pin Kane, Rollins hit a Pedigree for the win, getting a clean victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship Match)

Nikki got the better of Charlotte in the early part of the match, working the champ’s leg. But after a physical battle, Charlotte reversed Nikki’s Rack Attack into the Figure-Eight Leg Lock, forcing her opponent to submit.

Winner: Charlotte

The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tag Team Championship Match)

The New Day was without Xavier Woods at ringside, since he was still recovering from being put through a table by the Dudley Boyz on Monday night. Woods might not have been in the building, but The New Day brought his trombone with them to the ring. Big E hit Bubba Ray with the instrument when the referee wasn’t looking, allowing Kofi Kingston to hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: The New Day

Kevin Owens vs. Ryback (Intercontinental Championship Match)

WWE seems to be fully behind Owens as Intercontinental Champion, as he beat Ryback in just over five minutes. He needed to rake Ryback’s eyes to win the title at Night of Champions, but he didn’t need to cheat to get the victory on Sunday.

Winner: Kevin Owens

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (United States Championship Match)

Hell in a Cell started with a surprise return, as Alberto Del Rio came out for John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge. The two-time WWE Champion had his first WWE match since August of last year, and he was introduced by Zeb Cotler, who feuded with Del Rio in 2013 as Jack Swagger’s manager. Cena injured his hamstring during the match, and Del Rio pinned the United States Champ after a hitting a backstabber and a kick to Cena’s face. Del Rio is the new champ, becoming the first wrestler to defeat Cena clean since Kevin Owens did it at Elimination Chamber in May.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville vs. Sheamus, Rusev & King Barrett (Kickoff Match)

It was better than most pre-show matches, and the crowd got into it towards the end. King Barrett was pinned by Neville, taking Ziggler’s superkick, Cesaro’s Giant Swing and Neville’s Red Arrow in succession.

Winner: Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville