• WWE legend Mark Henry appreciates the wrestling role-playing the that Milwaukee Bucks are doing
  • The Bucks have found a new pre-game ritual through wrestling matches
  • Giannis Antetokonmpo, Robin Lopez, and Wesley Matthews are the main characters of those acts

It all started as a playful act among Milwaukee Bucks players until it (almost) became their pre-game ritual with their own storylines. Those moments may just serve as their ticket to have their own moment in a WWE event, if not, at the grandest stage of them all.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry took notice of the wrestling roleplay that the Bucks are doing and the “World’s Strongest Man” is having a great time watching them as a wrestling legend himself. A lot of those are posted by the team’s social media team on their networks – Twitter and Instagram – and are getting positive responses from the fans.

In an interview posted on Sirius XM NBA Radio, the 48-year old Olympian likes what he’s seeing. “You look at Giannis and what the Milwaukee Bucks, you know, there are like seven guys on that team that are wrestling fans,” said a delighted powerlifting record-holder. “They do little wrestling matches and stuff in the locker room, in the tunnel before they come out to the game, that's a lot, man.”

Most of the fun wrestling clips are being played by league Giannis Antetokounmpo, Wesley Matthews, and sometimes, Eric Bledsoe with Lopez twins Robin and Brook as the frequent victim of their attacks – complete from establishing the conflict, blow exchanges, the finishing move, and a pinfall.

Their matches aren’t just throwing fists but they also include some famous WWE finishers – Giannis using “The Cobra” popularized by Santino Marella while Matthews and Bledsoe also did the “Stone Cold Stunner”, Roman Reigns’ “Superman Punch”, and The Rock’s “People’s Elbow”.

Not only within the team but the Bucks’ wrestling folks also “fought” the opposing team’s mascots – particularly Robin Lopez who’s had a long history of having feuds with team mascots.

“I don't know Giannis. I never met him in person before but if you can get the message to him that I appreciate what he's done in showing everybody that he is a wrestling fan, his team are wrestling fans,” said Henry.

“If there is anything that I can do to get them to a Wrestlemania, a big pay-per-view in Milwaukee, or anywhere, I will make it happen for them.”

The NBA is currently in the middle of a lockdown due to coronavirus and the Bucks were the first team to clinch a playoff spot where they currently have the best record in the league, 53-12 before the indefinite suspension was announced.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks
Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks walks backcourt during Game 3 of Round One of the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Boston Celtics at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, April 20, 2018. Stacy Revere/Getty Images