World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) struggle with holding on to members of its roster seems no closer to stopping with reports emerging everyday about wrestlers wanting out from the company. There has been a sudden increase of wrestlers wanting to leave in recent months but WWE remains unchanged in its stance and is not allowing the athletes to have their way.

There have been a number of release requests since the start of 2019, while there have also been more than a few exits. Dean Ambrose left the company when his contract expired in April while Dustin Rhodes and Tye Dillinger were granted their release.

But former Intercontinental champion Luke Harper and former RAW tag team champions The Revival’s requests for release were rejected by WWE with chairman Vince McMahon adamant about the company not losing key members of its roster who are still under contract. Lio Rush is reportedly the latest wrestler to have his request rejected despite the wrestler not been utilized in either the live or televised events since WrestleMania.

Rush joined WWE in 2017 and was promoted to the main roster in 2018. Apart from his singles matches, he was positioned as the hype man for Bobby Lashley, but altercations backstage have seen him shelved from recent in-ring appearances.

A few other veteran wrestlers were said to be unhappy about him disregarding tradition with regard to junior wrestlers carrying water for the senior pros. While Finn Balor was also unhappy with Rush bringing his wife for rehearsals. But his request, according to Cageside Seats, is said to have come after he turned down the WWE’s offer of a five-year deal worth $300,000.

Meanwhile, another high profile wrestler who has been absent from the promotion is women’s division star Sasha Banks. The former RAW women’s champion has not been part of any event since WrestleMania 35.

It was reported that she was very unhappy after it was revealed that Banks and Bayley will drop their women’s tag team titles after a relatively short reign. The duo is said to have thrown a tantrum but while Bayley has returned and joined the SmackDown Live roster, her best friend and former tag team partner has been taking time off from WWE.

Banks is said to have also requested a release from the company, but they are not willing to accept her request – simply asking her to take some time off and then return. WWE has no intention of releasing one of the women’s division’s most popular stars and are even willing to promise her a good role if she returns, pro-wrestling journalist Tom Colohue reports.