All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) threat to the supremacy of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is slowly but surely becoming real as they begin to make their moves in the talent market and are said to be targeting moves for top WWE superstars.

AEW has made big waves in the wrestling community despite being a newly formed promotion and has already got the attention of all the top pro-wrestlers in the world. They are backed by Pakistani American billionaire Shahid Khan and son Tony and have immediately proved they can match the financial might of the WWE, which are and will continue to remain at least in the near future the most popular wrestling promotion in the world.

Chris Jericho has been AEW’s biggest coup thus far and the long-time WWE loyalist has turned heads of various wrestlers by revealing that he bagged the biggest deal of his career when he signed a three-year deal with the new promotion earlier this year.

That has prompted WWE CEO Vince McMahon to instruct the management in his company to begin tying down superstars to new deals, with even double-your-money deals being offered. They are keen to avoid wrestlers getting the idea that they can jump ship for more lucrative wages and better roles in the new promotion.

There are a number of top stars coming to the end of their WWE contacts and AEW is certainly going to make an offer to convince them to jump ship. Dean Ambrose will leave the WWE after his deal concludes in April, but it is still not clear where his next destination will be.

WWE WWE is facing an imminent threat from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as they look to poach superstars with lucrative offers. In this picture, WWE logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square in New York City, March 18, 2003. Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

The likes of AJ Styles, who was the face of WWE’s SmackDown Live event until recently and Dolph Ziggler are said to be nearing the end of their contracts and are yet to agree new deals. The emergence of AEW has given the wrestlers an added option and an advantage on the negotiating table in terms of demanding a better deal and a better role.

And according to Wrestle Votes, inside sources have revealed that the threat is said to become even bigger with AEW said to have made an “outstanding offer” to a current top WWE star. It is believed that the terms are too good to turn down, but the true identity of the superstar continues to remain hidden.

“Seems like the first real shot has been fired... source says AEW has made an 'outstanding' offer to a current, big time WWE superstar. An offer that is almost too good to turn down. Things are really about to get interesting,” Wrestle Votes wrote.

While WWE’s vice-president of talent and live events, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, recently revealed they were aware of AEW’s fast emergence, they were not considering them a threat. But a move to poach a top WWE superstar will certainly see battle lines drawn between the two wrestling promotions.