Someone always ruins the party.

Both Sony and Microsoft’s console launches were resounding financial successes - each console sold over a million units at their first launch dates. Bravo, huzzah, congratulations and all that. But no hardware is ever launched with a 100% success rate, and these new gaming machines are no exception.

The PS4 has felt the heat...well, quite literally. gamers have complained that their new machines were overheating on their first runs, transforming into four hundred dollar paperweights. That, coupled with the “Blue Light of Death” as it’s been dubbed (which signifies HDMI port problems), out a stain on Sony’s otherwise momentous North American launch. Still, Sony contends that the failure rate of PS4’s is below one percent.

Microsoft hasn’t been immune from the bad press, either. Numerous Youtube videos show the new box accepting discs with sound of three zombie pigmen jamming gears together in the Nether. It’s a disc drive error, not unlike ones reported by the One’s older brother. Like Sony, Microsoft contends this problem is not widespread and will be rectified.

And Nintendo is on the verge of selling its four millionth WiiU, leaving the other manufacturers to play major catch up.

Meanwhile, Apple purchased PrimseSense, an Israeli company that developed the first Kinect. The Cupertino-based company also filed patents for an interactive tech system with 3D and projected controls - perhaps a clue of what’s to come from them in the next decade. The thought of controlling everything in your living room with motion and touch controls is undeniably cool.

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