Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph's injury may relegate him to the bench for six to eight weeks, according to the Grizzlies organization.

Randolph sustained an injury in the first quarter of a Jan. 1 game against Chicago. After undergoing an MRI, it was revealed that he had a torn right medial collateral ligament.

In the Chicago game, teammate O.J. Mayo was driving to the basket and Randolph was positioning himself for an offensive rebound. At the end of the drive, Mayo fell into the floor and on Randolph's leg, causing the injury.

After the collision, Randolph rolled on the floor and writhed in pain. Announcers calling the game at the moment immediately remarked that it did not look good for Randolph.

Randolph, along with Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol, make up the core of the Grizzlies team. His presence on the floor will undoubtedly be missed by his teammates and the organization.

In 2010, he was selected for his first NBA All Star Game. During that season, he averaged 20.1 ppg and a career-high 12.2 rpg.