WARNING: The article below contains spoilers for Season 7 of the BBC sitcom "Peep Show" starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

British comedic duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb will return for another season of the Bafta award-winning sitcom "Peep Show." This news was confirmed in May, but Mitchell has revealed that production of season 8 has begun.

"I'm taking a few weeks off my Observer column to film a new series of Peep Show. It's nice not to have to write the jokes," Mitchell posted on Twitter Sunday.

The show focuses on two socially dysfunctional men and their trajectories, starring Mitchell as the uptight Mark Corrigan and Robert Webb as the slacker Jeremy "Jez" Usborne, two men who have virtually nothing in common. Webb had previously said the shows would be filmed this summer before making their way to television screens only months later. But the comedian sparked some confusion among fans when he referred to the next season as seven rather than eight.

"And to those who ask quite often, bless you, Peep Show 7 will be filmed next Summer and will be on the telly by the fall of the leaves 2012," Webb tweeted in December 2011.

The show is renewed through season 9, which means that Mark and Jez are sure to find themselves in plenty of socially awkward cringe-worthy scenarios within the next couple of years. No official air date has been announced yet, but more importantly, fans are wondering where the next series will pick up.

The last episode of season 7 takes place on New Year's Eve, when Zhara tells Jez that she and Ben have broken up. This means that she would need a new roommate to replace her snarky ex-boyfriend, an offer which Jez accepts. Mark and Jez then head to Johnson's for a New Year's Eve party, where it is revealed that Johnson and Big Suze have broken up. Jeff and Johnson begin to tease Mark about his relations with Dobby, but after she overhears him chiming in, she storms out.

After running into Sophie and Jeff at Big Suze's party, Mark and Jez move on to their next destination with Super Hans. However, this is a New Year's Eve bash too crazy for even the haggard and drugged-up Super Hans to handle. Super Hans has also picked up a Japanese girl who does not speak any English who he claims to be in love with, and the group of four move on to another party at Big Suze's apartment.

But Mark doesn't stay here long; he quickly moves to Gerard's house to track down Dobby, who was attending a role-playing party there. Gerard does not let him enter his property, but Mark finds a way around this and implores Dobby to forgive him and move in with him. She says yes, which is where the episode leaves off.

Will Dobby and Mark actually move in together? It's probably safe to say that this will not happen, although the season 7 cliffhanger indicates that it will. Although the pair is vastly different, Mark and Jez are inexplicably reliant on one another. It's a strange sort of deranged dependency, but the two are so socially skewed that they are the only ones who can understand each other. And, deep down, they don't want to exist without one another.

Let's not forget what happened with Mark and Sophie's wedding. Even when it seemed as if the El Dude brothers were finished, Mark was simply and utterly unable to make it down the aisle.

That being said, it does seem as if Mark and Dobby will have a better outcome than him and Sophie, but it will be very surprising if he does move in with his geeky counterpart. There is bound to be some horribly embarrassing faux-pas that stands in the way of what Mark thinks he wants, as there always is.