New York police arrested 14 people at two Occupy Wall Street protests Saturday.

Several hundred Occupy protesters flooded the streets of Manhattan, demonstrating against police brutality. Protesters carried signs  reading Angry Pacifist, Shame on NYPD and They never stop & frisk old white guys like me, Reuters reported.

Police detained 10 protesters who lay down in the middle of the street while many more others lay down on sidewalks.

Two women and two men were arrested on trespassing charges at a separate protest in front of the United Nations Saturday night, police said.

The protests came a day after the NYPD ousted four of its undercover detectives for killing Sean Beall, an unarmed young black man,  on his wedding eve. The incident had caused outrage in the black community who accused NYPD of excessive force and racial profiling.

A week ago, around 70 protesters were arrested Zuccotti Park when they gathered to mark the six-month anniversary of the Occupy movement. Thousands of protesters have been arrested in the last six months.  

The Occupy Movement started in September last over concerns of economic slowdown and as a protest against unequal wealth and income distribution that favor big and wealthy corporates.