An Egyptian court has passed the first death sentence to a police officer for killing protestor during the uprising that has overthrown President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian state TV reported on Monday.

Mohammed Mahmud Abdul Mun’em, a police officer in absentia was sentenced to death on Monday for killing 20 protesters and wounding 15 on January 28.

The court found that Mun’em had randomly fired at protestors, a local media reported.

The death sentence is the strictest penalty till date charging those who are accused of killing and torturing the protestors.

Former Interior Minister Habib El Adly was given a 12-year prison sentence for corruption.

According to Amnesty International, a non-profit human rights organization, at least 840 people were killed and more than 6,000 wounded during the demonstration. Many died from gunshot and others wounded from head to chest, Amnesty International said in a report released this month.

There were many cases of torture of protestors which includes beating with sticks or whips, electric shock and rape threats, according to the report. Amnesty International calling for an investigation said, at least 189 prisoners died during the demonstration.