Nearly two decades after their upset victory over the Monstars, the Michael Jordan-led “Tune Squad” is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The folks over at Yahoo Sports put together a video entitled “30 For 30: The Space Jam Game,” a fake documentary that treats Michael Jordan’s legendary cartoon movie as a real-life event. The mockumentary, which spoofs ESPN’s popular “30 For 30” sports documentary series, includes appearances from several NBA analysts, including Kurt Rambis, Greg Anthony, and Doug Gottlieb.

“30 For 30: The Space Jam Game” documents Jordan’s return to basketball after a two-year retirement to take on the Monstars, a team of genetically-enhanced, 12-foot tall aliens and the film’s main antagonists. “I mean, Jordan had beaten Magic [Johnson] and [Larry] Bird, but this was a whole different beast,” Gottlieb deadpans for the documentary. “We’re talking about three 12-footers and two guys with spikes coming out of their heads.”

“If you saw it in a movie, you wouldn’t believe it,” Fox Sports’ Larry Burnett said. “And it would be a pretty bad movie, too.”

Next, the fake documentary talks about the game itself; the Tune Squad’s legendary upset victory over the Monstars. Jordan’s climb to fame in the fictional world of cartoon basketball wasn’t easy; the Chicago Bulls legend experienced some nervousness before the game.

“In the first quarter, Michael Jordan was absolutely lost,” Rambis said. “It looked like he was completely out of his element.”

The game’s officiating was a problem, too, according to Daffy Duck. “I filed multiple grievances with the Player’s Association regarding my injuries,” the cartoon legend said. “Almost 20 years later, still nothing.”

Still, the Tune Squad refused to be denied. In the end, comedian Bill Murray teamed up with Jordan to score the winning basket, defeating the MonStars with a dunk from half-court. Hey, it sounds realistic to us.

Yahoo Sports’ brilliant “30 For 30: The Space Jam Game” documentary can be viewed below.