A suspected suicide bombing killed at least 34 people in the Pakistani city of Peshawar late on Saturday.

The bombing, for which no one has claimed responsibility so far, took place near a building, when a large number of people were dining in the nearby restaurants.

Senior police official Banaras Khan said a small blast was heard before a bigger one, which police suspected was carried out by a suicide bomber.

After the second blast, a fire broke out. Several charred bodies were lying on the ground while some wounded people were crawling away from the site, witness Naeem Ahmed told Reuters.

Although there is no claim of responsibility so far, Taliban militants have vowed to avenge the killing of al Qaeda chief bin Laden by U.S. SEALS.

According to Mian Iftikhar Hussain, information minister of the northwestern Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa (KP) province, doctors said the death toll was 34, but it may rise as many wounded people are in critical condition.

Hospital officials said 100 people were wounded, 21 of them seriously. Several journalists and policemen were among the wounded.