Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, 56, died on Oct. 5 after losing his seven-year fight with pancreatic cancer. He had earlier resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple in August 2011, during his third period of medical leave. After his resignation, Jobs was elected Chairman of Apple's board of directors.

The visionary's death, however, met with a few weird reactions on the Internet, with people expressing their thoughts in unique ways via Twitter, Facebook and other random posts.

Here are the top 5 out of the innumerable weird reactions to Jobs' death.

Margie Phelps on Twitter

This is one of the rudest and the cruelest ways to refer to someone who has recently died. The post was made by one of the Phelps family, who runs/organizes the hate group that call themselves The Westboro Baptist Church. This is an organization which protests military, LGBT and other random funerals/events in the name of alienating the world.

Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin. MT @AP: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died at 56, the tweet said.

The best part of the group's announcement was that it was sent via an iPhone!

Job's death = imaginary Bill Gates death joke

Bill Gates was also reported dead, albeit only on Twitter and for the sake of comparing his death with Jobs.

Just wait; 2 years from now, Bill Gates will die too, but in a much less user-friendly and intuitive ways, said Eric Filipkowski, a user, on Twitter.

thank **** when Bill Gates goes all we have to do is turn him off and turn him back on again..., said another user.

Ignorant people around the world

There are a few people who are totally cut off from reality and have little clue of events around them. Here is an example of a totally clueless Twitter user.

What happen with Steve Jobs??? writes confused football cornerback Asante Samuel, of the Philadelphia Eagles, on his Twitter page.

He should, probably, have been a little more aware of current events from around the world.

Then there were a few unfortunate, misinformed ones who mourned somebody else's death instead.

rip bill gates. never a huge fan, but the man did it big! wrote Acephale Records, a record label and creative venture company.


People sometimes tend to become emotional and when that emotion gets the better of them, they start posting weird tweets to express themselves. These tweets, no offence, then become a source of fun and ridicule. Here's an example.

RIP Steve Jobs. He's amongst the iclouds now...., writes a very emotional Dark Lord on his Twitter page.

Come on. Really? Then there are other people who don't really know what to write and start posting stuff they think is cool.

Steve Jobs just released the new app.'iDied'. X________X, writes William BB Brooks.

The Celebrities

These are the tweets everyone waits for as people want to know what the stars think about the death of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs! Thanks for never settling for the way things were during a life you spent showing us how things could be. O Captain! My Captain! writes actor and director Kevin Smith.

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