You know, you used to have to at least put some effort into creeping. If you wanted to take secret photos of people in public, you had to make sure all the sound settings were disabled on your phone, along with the flash. Couldn’t risk alerting your target.

Now, part of Google's latest update to the Glass headset lets you take picture simply by winking, which causes a serious privacy concern. Google Glasses have already been banned in some places for the sake of customer privacy, and this feature probably won’t help their case. But to be fair, Google is marketing the feature’s other capabilities -- for example, winking at an item listing and instantly purchasing it.

In less exciting news, Microsoft announced that the board won’t choose a CEO to succeed Steve Ballmer before the year is up. There isn’t a favorite for the position yet, but former Ford frontman Alan Mulally is a notable candidate, considering how well the blue oval did under his leadership.

Unrelated but far more interesting news: Nintendo announced a Legend of Zelda spinoff for the WiiU, currently titled “Hyrule Warriors.” It’s slated to be a mashup of the LoZ series and Dynasty Warriors, but unlike prior attempts at similar mashups (see Dynasty Warriors: Gundam), this iteration looks like its graphics aren’t five years old at the time of release. There’s no word on a release date yet, but we do have a tech demo.