HBO has just released the trailer for Aaron Sorkin's new original series about the broadcast news industry premiering this summer.

The Newsroom is about a behind-the-scenes drama about a trusted news anchor who loses his cool, goes viral on the internet, and risks losing his audience.

Jeff Daniels stars as Will McAvoy, the veteran news personality. The Newsroom also stars Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher, Jr., Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Allison Pill, among others.

Aaron Sorkin's name is enough to bring buzz to the program. The award-winning screenwriter hasn't taken on television in a while, spending the past few years on The Social Network, Money Ball, and Charlie Wilson's War. Like his last series, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Newsroom analyzes the making of a program. Studio 60, however, hasn't gotten nearly as much acclaim as political drama The West Wing.

Coming to a television (with an HBO subscription) near you on June 24.