Kendall Vertes
Kendall Vertes will make a big career move on Tuesday’s “Dance Moms.” Pictured: Kendall at Cosmopolitan’s Spring Campaign Launch Event in Los Angeles on Feb. 3, 2016. Getty Images

Abby Lee Miller’s student is going solo. After failing to release her latest album, Kendall Vertes will fire her coach as her music manager on next Tuesday’s “Dance Moms.” And, of course, Abby won’t take to the move so kindly.

In a sneak peek of Season 6, episode 28 (appropriately titled “Abby, You’re Fired”), Jill Vertes says she’s been unhappy with Abby’s management of her daughter’s music for some time and has sent a letter to Abby’s attorney asking to dissolve their partnership. Jill also admits to the cameras she’s afraid of Kendall’s career suffering if Abby goes to jail for her fraud charges.

Jill advises her 13-year-old to “stand tall” during pyramid in light of the letter being sent and tells her they will find someone who has the appropriate time and energy to dedicate to her music.

“Abby does no longer manage Kendall’s music,” Jill tells her fellow dance moms after arriving at the studio. “So, she’s gonna be pissed,” she warns.

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While Abby does not mention Kendall’s move during pyramid, she does assign her a solo titled “Cold and Clear,” one of the first of the season. Jill says she’s confused by the move but decides not to question Abby’s choice.

The promo for episode 28 offers more details into Abby’s true feelings about being fired. “You’re a nobody and you’re nothing!” Abby yells inside the studio. “You used these kids to put you are where you are now!” Jill angrily replies. During a later scene at the competition, Jill says Abby is “probably suing” her for making the transition. Abby remains quiet after the remark, only looking down as her phone and smiling.

Kendall and Jill’s decision to fire Abby comes after their complaints about her management techniques earlier in the season. The mother-daughter duo did have success with Abby when it came to the music business, though. Kendall’s first single, “Wear Em Out,” took the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ music videos chart for all genres after its premiere in June 2015, beating out Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

Catch the next episode of “Dance Moms” Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.