Mobile gaming fans have something to look forward to this week, as developer D3 will be releasing “Adventure Time: Puzzle Quest” for iOS and Android devices. Like most games of the genre, battles in the game use an interesting puzzle-based combat system that requires a player to match three blocks for attacks, but with characters from “Adventure Time” added to the mix.

Since the game is a puzzle roleplaying game (or Puzzle RPG), players will be required to not only participate in puzzle-based combat but recruit new heroes to their party as well. An article from Pocket Gamer has confirmed that “Adventure Time” characters like Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and more can be recruited into the player’s party, which should please fans of the hit animated series.

Fans of the show or the game genre can also expect special events and tournaments that can lead to some very interesting prizes, most likely exclusive characters or support cards that will be a big help during difficult fights. These events also allow players to compete with others across the globe to see who is the best at “Puzzle Quest” games.

D3 is no stranger to mixing the “Puzzle Quest” series with popular characters, as the developer also worked on the incredibly popular “Marvel: Puzzle Quest,” as reported by Touch Arcade. The game is still quite popular and has gained a number of updates that have made it up to date with the comics, with new characters like the female Thor joining the game’s roster in recent years.

In that sense, fans can expect plenty of fan service in this new “Adventure Time” mobile game, especially with characters like Flame Princess and the Ice King being recruitable for the player’s party. Fans can also expect more characters to join the roster in future updates of the game, considering how popular the “Puzzle Quest” games have proven to be with mobile gamers.

“Adventure Time: Puzzle Quest” will be available this week and will be free to download for the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Fans of “Adventure Time” or “Puzzle Quest” should keep an eye on this title.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Gameplay Video (Credit: YouTube/Touch Arcade)