Things are getting messy on Showtime's drama "The Affair," and more people are introduced as suspects in the Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) murder case. Sunday's Nov. 1 episode featured Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) and Alison Lockhart's (Ruth Wilson) perspectives.

A large majority of Alison's narrative focuses on her trying to figure out where she fits in in her new life. Alison left her husband Cole and everything else back in Montauk to start a life with Noah Solloway (Dominic West), but things are not going as planned. Meanwhile, Cole is still trying to deal with Alison leaving him.

Alison's Narrative:

In Alison's point-of-view, Noah has been gone for a few days. He's been spending time with his kids in the city because his estranged wife Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) was arrested. Alison calls Noah and asks him what she's supposed to do now that they can't live together because of a court order banning her from being near Noah's children.

While she’s at work, at Yvonne (Joanna Gleason) and Robert's (Peter Friedman) house, Alison catches Yvonne reading Noah's manuscript "Descent." Yvonne is normally very pleasant with Alison but in the episode she seems agitated. Alison believes it has something to do with Noah's book. Later, Alison asks Robert during his therapy session if Yvonne is mad at her and explains that she saw his wife reading Noah's manuscript.

Robert says Yvonne has been engrossed with the book and even read him a few pages. Alison confesses to Robert that she's never laid eyes on what's in the book. Robert then tells Alison a story about how he and Yvonne both cheated on their previous spouses with each other, and Alison launches into a similar story about her and Noah's affair.

As Alison recounts the details of her summer romance with her now-fiancé Robert gets sexually aroused catching Alison off-guard. Alison decides it's best she leaves the house to run some errands for Yvonne.

Throughout the day, Yvonne is still very cold toward Alison and later Robert tells her his wife decided to fire her and hire another assistant. Alison is upset over the news and goes to confront Yvonne but spots Noah's manuscript on Yvonne's desk.

Hesitating slightly, Alison starts to read the book and realizes it’s about her and Noah's affair in Montauk and their sexual rendezvous. Alison gets angry and calls Noah again demanding he call her back. Alison decides to pack up a few of her things and heads into the city looking for Noah.

Strangely the first place she stops at is Helen's house and, for obvious reasons, Helen is not happy to see her husband's mistress standing on her doorstep. After asking where Noah is, Helen coolly tells Alison she needs to leave but Alison apologizes for the affair and tells Helen she wasn't trying to steal her husband.

Helen explains to Alison that Noah isn't the man she thinks he is, and she will soon realize it. Alison bolts out of the city and takes a train back to Montauk. While on the train, she removes her engagement ring.

Cole's Narrative:

Cole's perspective kicks off with him sleeping with a woman named Tory (Kelly Deadmon), whom he met in his cab. When he goes to Tory's house to meet her he sees Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) again, who works there as a babysitter. As previously reported, Luisa will eventually become Cole's love interest on the show.

During the middle of Cole and Tory's rendezvous, her presumed husband comes home and punches Cole in his face.

Meanwhile, Scotty is still on a mission to get Cole to sell his home and secretly sets up a meeting to have it appraised. Cole catches the people looking over his house and asks them to leave. The woman reveals Scotty was the one who set up the meeting, which prompts Cole to confront his brother at his boathouse. 

While the two guys are talking Luisa exits Scotty's boathouse searching for her clothes. Scotty can tell Cole and Luisa somehow know each other, and he tells his brother not to sleep with her.

Later in Cole's narrative, he bonds with Luisa at her job The End, a restaurant Scotty manages, and she eventually gives Cole her phone number.

However, Cole doesn't get a chance to call her because when he returns home later that night Alison is asleep in their bed. Cole is worried Noah did something to her, and Alison tells her estranged husband she thinks something is wrong with her and guys only see her as a sex object.

Cole assures her that isn't true and tells Alison she's more than welcome to stay the night at the home. As he gets up to leave the bedroom, she asks him to stay and they end up sleeping together.

Afterward, Scotty comes by and accuses Cole of sleeping with Luisa when he sees Alison at the house.

In The Present:

Detective Jeffries (Victor Williams) meets up with Noah's lawyer Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) at the diner in Montauk Alison used to work at so the two can discuss the murder case.

Jon tells Jeffries his client is innocent, but wants to know why the detective never looked at Cole as a suspect. Jon says Cole had the perfect motive for wanting to kill his brother and reveals Cole stole Scotty's business plan. Earlier in the episode, Scotty told his brother he wanted to open up a nightclub but Cole wasn't interested in investing money in it.

Jeffries, however, still thinks Noah is the murderer. At the end of the episode Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein), Alison's former boss, comes up to Jon's table and asks him if there's a chance Noah will "get off." Oscar then hands Jon something and walks away. Hopefully whatever Oscar handed Jon will be revealed in the next episode, but we doubt if it is anything that could help Noah’s case.