The Affair season 2 spoilers
Fans learned more about the events surrounding Scott Lockhart's (Colin Donnell, left) death on episode 3 of Showtime's "The Affair." Showtime

Little by little "The Affair" is revealing more details surrounding the death of Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell). On last week's episode 2, Noah Solloway (Dominic West) was charged with vehicular homicide and other crimes for the murder of Scotty.

On Sunday's episode, a few shocking bits of information were revealed about the day Scotty was killed. Before we get into those details, let's recap Noah and Alison Lockhart's (Ruth Wilson) narratives.

Noah's Narrative:

Noah's perspective started with him and Alison sleeping together and then Noah seemingly dissing his mistress-turned-girlfriend. The writer then asked Alison to join him in the pool but when she refused he jokingly grabbed her leg and said he was going to drag into the water. Alison started screaming for him to leave her alone. Last season it was revealed Noah loves swimming but Alison isn't a fan of the water after her young son Gabriel died in a drowning accident. Alison hasn't yet told Noah she had a child. Meanwhile, during Noah's dip in the pool he had a flashback to him running someone (or something) over in his car.

Back at the house, after his swim, Noah decided it was the perfect time for him to propose to Alison. After a slight hesitation, she accepted.

Soon the pair headed over to Robert (Peter Friedman) and his wife Yvonne's (Joanna Gleason) house for dinner where Yvonne wanted to know all about their engagement and how they met. For obvious reasons, Noah didn't want to get into the story of how he and Alison's romance started, so Alison made up an elaborate tale about how they met. Noah seemed impressed with Alison's story and played along.

Later, while Noah was discussing his unfinished manuscript with Yvonne, Alison interrupted to tell him a very agitated Whitney was at the door. It's not clear how the teenager got her father's address, but Whitney said she caught a bus and a cab to get there.

Whitney clearly wasn't happy with her father leaving her mother Helen (Maura Tierney) and lashed out at Alison when she spotted the former waitress wearing her engagement ring. Whitney demanded Noah tell Alison to take the ring off, but he refused. Noah later asked his daughter not to tell Helen that he was living with and engaged to Alison. Whitney promised to keep his secret.

Noah's point-of-view also revealed that Max (Josh Stamberg) helped Noah out of his financial mess by giving him $50,000. While the gesture seemed nice, it struck us a little odd Max was so eager for Noah and Helen to finalize their divorce. As reported in the premiere recap, Max and Helen are sleeping together, and Noah doesn't know it yet.

Alison's Narrative:

In Alison's point-of-view, Alison didn't seem to want to discuss her engagement at dinner at Robert and Yvonne's house. It was also clear Alison really is struggling with the death of her son, and at one point she opened up about the loss to Robert.

According to Alison's narrative, Whitney was aggressive and angry that her father has been shacking up with his mistress. Whitney even blamed Alison for ruining their family. In Alison's perspective, Noah said Whitney took a very expensive Uber to their house and not a bus and cab like she claimed in his narrative.

After Whitney's rant, Alison questioned whether she and Noah were making a mistake since they are both still legally married to other people. Her version of events also included Whitney making her breakfast the next morning and then trying to blackmail Alison into giving her Scotty's phone number.

In The Present:

Noah and Alison met with his attorney Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) to discuss the events surrounding Scotty's murder. It was revealed Scotty was killed the night of Cole Lockhart's (Joshua Jackson) wedding. Noah told the attorney it was a bad night for him because he didn't want to be at the ceremony and wasn't sure why Cole had invited them. Alison interrupted and said her ex was just trying to be nice.

Noah went on to say he and Alison got into an argument at the wedding and Alison stormed off. The writer also told Jon he had a blood splatter on his car because he had run into a deer. Jon sarcastically asked Noah if Scotty had been "riding the deer" at the time of his accident. Noah didn't find the remark amusing and said he bribed a mechanic into covering it up because he didn't want his name associated with Scotty's death.

However, the attorney then brought up the videotape of Noah attacking Scotty at a Planned Parenthood. Noah explained he threatened Scotty at the Planned Parenthood because Scott had gotten Noah's underage daughter Whitney pregnant. Noah admitted he would have liked to have killed Scotty because he was a "low-life," but said he wasn't the one who committed the murder.