Indonesian divers on Tuesday retrieved six more bodies from the AirAsia Flight 8501, bringing the total number recovered to 90. The retrieval happened despite skepticism that the wrecked fuselage of the plane, which remains undersea despite efforts to raise it, contained any bodies in it. The search and rescue team announced its discovery on its Twitter account, and the team had found another six a day before, after halting their operations over the weekend to refuel and change crews.


The Indonesian navy tried to recover the fuselage, but its efforts had been hampered by strong currents. After saying that there were no indications that victims remained in the plane’s body, the military officially called off its retrieval attempts on Jan. 27, leaving the search and rescue to BASARNAS and local divers. BASARNAS found the first body in the fuselage on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal, since the plane's first sighting in the Java Sea on Jan. 14. Agency spokesman Jusuf Latif said that the discovery brought the total number recovered to 90, according to Associated Press, with some of victims retrieved so far found some 620 miles east of the crash scene. Head of BASARNAS Bambang Soelistyo told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that the search will continue, but declined to say for how long, adding that the recent discovery could justify an extension of the agency’s search efforts.

The flight carrying 162 passengers from Surabaya, Indonesia, that country's second-largest city, to Singapore, crashed on Dec. 28, sparking a frantic search for signs of the wreckage. The plane was thought to have hit storm conditions and plummeted when the aircraft tried to climb too fast to avoid it. The flight data recorder and cockpit recorder, also known as the “black box,” were found recently in the sea, and investigators are still waiting for more information from their analyses. The emergency locator transmitter, responsible for sending out signals of the plane’s location, was discovered on Tuesday and found to be malfunctioned.