Alanis Morissette, not long after giving birth to her son, Ever Imre in 2010, suffered from bouts of postpartum depression, according to People magazine. The singer, famous for the revenge anthem "You Oughta Know" off her 1995 album "Jagged Little Pill" put off dealing with her depression for a little while, focusing instead of being a mom. But the difficulties didn't go away.

"I just thought it was a swampy chapter, if I soldiered it out, that it would go away," Morissette told ET Canada. The singer hops that by discussing her difficulties openly, she can help others who may be in a similar situation. Postpartum depression affects about one in 10 moms, but can also affect fathers, according to a study published in USA Today in 2010.

The study from 2010 indicates that 25 percent of new fathers and 42 percent of mothers report that they suffer from some form of postpartum depression, with the big surprise being that fathers experience it at all. "It's quite shocking," Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist, said in 2010, adding "What doctors need to be alerted to is that they're treating a family unit."

"I think if there is any goal in me talking about it, it would be to eradicate the shame around it," Morissette explains. "It's just what happens sometimes and, for me, I just waited way too long to reach out for help."

Morissette discusses her related issues (via Skynews), "I still have PTSD from the 'Jagged Little Pill' era. It was a profound violation. It felt like every millisecond I was attempting to set a boundary and say no and people were breaking into my hotel rooms and going through my suitcase and pulling my hair and jumping on my car. There was a period of time during the 'Jagged Little Pill' era where I don't think I laughed for about two years. It was a survival mode, you know. It was an intense, constant, chronic over-stimulation and invasion of energetic and physical literal space."

Alanis Morissette was recently inducted into Guitar Center's RockWalk. The ceremony took place on Aug. 21 in Hollywood. Guitar Center representatives have stated that Morissette is "the perfect example of the type of artist we intend to honor with Guitar Center's RockWalk."