Hearts may be breaking now that a photo of “True Blood” actor Alexander Skarsgard kissing his recent co-star, Ellen Page, was released online. Director of the up-and-coming drama, “The East,” Zal Batmanglij, created a firestorm Saturday after tweeting a photo of the film’s lead kissing and cuddling with his 26-year-old co-star, Page.

The photo, which was taken by the director during a recent weekend promotional trip in San Francisco, was retweeted by Page, a former star of the teen pregnancy flick "Juno," despite neither actor confirming their relationship status. The image was accompanied by a comment from Batmanglij which claims the duo’s embrace reminds him of their days on set shooting the film which stars the duo as members of an eco-activist anarchist group being investigated by an undercover operative.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that the famous pair has been secretly linked for the past year after first appearing together at the Stanley Cup in June 2012. While the rumored couple looked cozy in their photo together, a source told People magazine Tuesday that the duo are not actually an item, claiming the co-stars are “just friends.”

In March, Skarsgard revealed to Elle magazine that dating within the entertainment industry is difficult saying, “It's tough with your schedule. The flip side is, it's a weird job, and to have someone who knows what you're going through ... but it's so much about the individual,” he said.

The actor, who portrays a vampire named "Eric" on the long-running HBO fantasy series “True Blood," previously dated actress Kate Bosworth. According to US Weekly, the couple split in 2011 after claims that the Sweden native liked being single, with a source telling the magazine the breakup was “mutual.” Skarsgard commented on the split telling Elle that he doesn’t believe in soul mates. “When you meet someone, of course you want it to last forever. It'd be very depressing if you didn't feel that way. But things change, and you maybe grow apart. You have to accept that,” he said.

“The East” opens for wide release on June 28.