“Mad Men” star and Internet darling Alison Brie has found a way to be even more likable.

In an interview with comedian Paul F. Tompkin for Made Man, the multi-talented Brie was asked to recreate a series of popular Internet memes using “the canvas of [her] own face.” Using a combination of hilarious facial contortions and her irresistible charm, the 30-year-old actress did not disappoint.

The ever-present Internet memes “Grumpy Cat,” “Overly Attached Girlfriend,” “Ermahgerd” and “Unflattering Beyoncé” all received the Brie treatment. The “Community” star also attempted to recreate the popular Internet trend “Hadoken-ing,” which ended in a slightly less successful fashion.

During the interview, Brie, a well-known target for Internet "GIFs," attempted to turn the tables on Internet users. Using a variety of outlandish props, the actress did her best to create "unsexy GIFs," though Tompkin didn't seem overly convinced.

By now, audiences have grown to expect strong performances from Brie. The California native stars on AMC’s hit drama “Mad Men” as Trudy Campbell, the prim-and-proper wife to advertising executive Pete Campbell. She also flashes her comedic chops on the critically acclaimed NBC series “Community,” playing the hilariously high-strung Annie Edison.

Check out Alison Brie’s hilarious meme impressions below:

Alison Brie attempts to create an "unsexy GIF":