Allegiant Airlines is one of the top choices for the budget-conscious traveler, but that may change now that the company will be charging $35 for carry-on bags.

Allegiant will begin charging for carry-ons for travelers booking new reservations beginning Wednesday (it will go live on our website late Tuesday night PDT), Allegiant Air spokeswoman Jessica Wheeler told

You can avoid the charge by only bringing a personal item on board, such as a laptop, briefcase or purse. More than one of these items or an item not considered personal will incur the $35 charge.

Notice of the new carry-on baggage charge was sent in an internal memo to employees, according to

While most domestic carriers do not charge for carry-on baggage, Allegiant Air is not the only budget airline with such a charge.

Spirit Airlines charges between $20 and $40 for any bag being placed in the overhead bin. Like Allegiant, Spirit allows one free personal item.

According to a baggage fee chart on, the two companies are the only U.S.-based airlines to charge for carry-on baggage.

Whether other airlines will follow suit is up in the air.

Allegiant Air caters to travelers with destinations outside of major cities, such as Saginaw, Mich., Fargo, N.D., and Medford, Ore., although Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego are also served by Allegiant.