Two popular tablets are getting new software updates during the final days of March, and the Amazon Kindle Fire 6.5 and Motorola Xoom both have some new features to show for it. While both tablets have their limitations, they are both in a good price range, and the new update could be just what nudges them over the line for some buyers.

At just $200, the Kindle Fire has a good mix of features and portability that have made it the only real hot-selling tablet besides the iPad. While the Xoom is still $400, it's still one of the only tablets to be powered by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system. The new Android 4.0.4 may just, um, sweeten the deal. We put together a few slides with brief descriptions of the new updates, so let us know if they combine with these tablets' features to make a compelling package or not.

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