A new Ice Cream Sandwich update is ready for the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi version and the Nexus S GSM variant. It's the newest version 4.0.4, and it fixes a few bugs and adds a few minor features. Owners of the Verizon Xoom 3G and Sprint Nexus S 4G might be wondering what this means for them. We don't know, but the difference is the carriers. Because the Wi-Fi Xoom and international Nexus S versions aren't carrier based, they get updates faster. That's also why the Asus Transformer Prime got ICS updates early; it's Wi-Fi only.

Of course, we've heard both the Verizon Xoom and Sprint Nexus S are to get the update soon, but that's it. Motorola said its 3G Xoom would get updated starting in April, so those devices could see updates anytime in April, May or June, most likely. As for the international version of the Galaxy Nexus versus the Verizon version? Same deal. Even though the Verizon version came with the Android 4.0 build already installed, Verizon still has the final say on when it gets updated. Begin the slideshow to see what the new update brings. Tell us in the comments if you have any of the devices and what you think of the update.

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