The buzz is all about Amber Cole, 14, a school-going girl caught on tape performing oral sex on her boyfriend. This is undoubtedly child pornography. However, if the statistics are to be believed, then a lot of people want to watch it.

According to Janelle Harris, a blogger, the word on the Internet is that Cole resorted to the act in order to win back her ex-boyfriend. However, being as young as she is, she probably didn't realize just what she was getting into.

The video has been viral for a couple of days now and while there is no reason for Cole to perform such an act, there is even less reason to expect people everywhere to encourage the spread of the video to a level where it might irreversibly affect her life.

At the very least, the adults who have been eager to get their hands on the video (some probably have already) should realize that she is just a teenager and we've all been there... we've all committed our own sets of mistakes, learned from it and moved on.

In connection to matters like this, social media Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have only served as bullying platforms and made things worse. There is, in fact, a Facebook page offering the Amber Cole official video for a Like but it is a scam. Unfortunately, over 20,000 people have already clicked the Like button, Gather News reports.

The Amber Cole video is, by no means, the first horrible incident in the history of the world. Worse events, undoubtedly, have happened and will probably continue to happen. The problem, it seems, is that in the digital age, it has become easier to circulate and look out for videos and gossip items that create havoc on the Internet, ultimately taking a toll on the victim's life.

This incident will certainly fade away from our memory with time, exactly like a million of them have come and gone. However, the Internet will never forget and should anyone search for the Amber Cole video, 10 years on, all the unsavory reports will certainly be uncovered again; the whole affair has certainly scarred the teenager's life forever.