Amber Heard said “yes” to Johnny Depp, her boyfriend of one year, just two months ago, but according to new reports, she is now getting cold feet about marriage. Star magazine reports that Heard, 27, felt pressured to accept Depp’s proposal, a step she reportedly never intended to take with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

“She cares about Johnny, but she’s a free spirit who never envisioned herself marrying anyone," an "insider" told the tabloid, adding that Heard agreed because she “didn’t want to lose” her relationship with Depp, the father of two children by ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. “She felt like she had to say yes. ... Amber is very insecure about the prospect of marriage, wondering if she’s making the right decision, and as Johnny pressures her to set a date, those feelings are almost too much for her to handle.”

Why the sudden change of heart? While Heard looked happy while accompanied by Depp, 50, at the Los Angeles premiere of “3 Days to Kill” just last month, sources say she is not only fearful of committing to a lifelong relationship with Depp, but also concerned about his relationship with his longtime publicist, Robin Baum.

Heard is said to be having doubts about taking the plunge with Depp due to fears he may be having a secret fling with Baum, a claim which Heard’s rep has reportedly denied. “Amber has told Johnny that he needs to hire a new publicist, but he said there’s no way he’s firing someone who has worked for him for so many years,” said an insider.

Unfortunately for Depp, the bisexual Heard, who dated photographer Tasya van Ree for three years before being linked to Depp in 2011, reportedly wants to hold onto her free-spirited lifestyle. “Amber lives her life on the edge. ... She can’t imagine giving up women forever,” a source told the magazine, adding that Heard is still close to Ree, 37, a former flame she was recently rumored to be reconnecting with.

Despite reports of tension in their relationship, the celebrity duo was spotted walking hand-in-hand on multiple occasions while in New York City over the weekend. Prior to their most recent sighting, Heard and Depp were photographed attending their swanky engagement party at the Carondelet House in Los Angeles on March 14.

Depp and Heard’s engagement was first revealed by sources in January. The couple was last rumored to be prepping to tie the knot on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas, Little Hall’s Pond Cay.