Processor giants AMD (Advanced Micro devices) revealed on Wednesday the company has developed its first low-power chip for tablets, a report on Computerworld said.

Chris Cloran, vice president and general manager of the computing solutions group, client division at AMD, at a press conference at the Computex trade show held in Taipei, said based on Fusion architecture, the Z-series chip will provide a PC like experience in tablets.

Cloran added the first chip in the Z-series, known as dual-core Z-01, will run at 1GHz speed. The chip draws power which is less than six watts and will deliver a prolonged battery life to tablets. The chip is made of the 40-nanometer process.

The chip also includes a graphics core that will support Microsoft’s DirectX 11 set to make gaming experience more realistic in tablets. The tablets can also be connected to high-definition TVs.

The compatibility with Android, which constitutes more than half of the tablets’ OS, will make more apps available for AMD powered tablets.