The “American Horror Story” Season 6 cast is dwindling fast, but that doesn’t mean viewers have met everyone just yet. Finn Wittrock made his sneaky debut on the show in episode 7 as one of the cannibal Polk boys. As was the case with several characters on this season of the FX original series, Wittrock’s moment in the spotlight was short-lived.

With him and a number of other much beloved characters already out of the picture, “American Horror Story” fans are eagerly awaiting an appearance from Taissa Farmiga. A newly released preview has lead to some speculation that Farmiga may finally appear in episode 9. As one Reddit user noted, a fraction of a woman with long blonde hair — which bares a striking similarity to that of the actress’ — appears in the promo. Those commenting on the thread, which contained a still image from the episode preview, believe Farmiga will be playing a hiker in upcoming episode of “American Horror Story,” akin to characters from “The Blair Witch Project.”

There has been no confirmation about the role, which has lead to continued speculation about other parts creator Ryan Murphy may have placed her in. While the Redditor’s prediction about Farmiga’s role could be correct, Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson has some ideas of her own. In an article published Thursday, she suggested that it is entirely possible that the actress will play the second coming of Scathach or the real Priscilla.

Farmiga’s character isn’t the only one “American Horror Story” viewers have yet to meet. As was previously reported, Lana Winters — Sarah Paulson’s character from “Asylum” — is set to make an appearance in Season 6. It is not clear at this time what that means for Audrey, Paulson’s current character who was still very much alive in episode 8. There are a number of possibilities, however. Murphy and the “American Horror Story” writers have made a habit of having stars play multiple roles in one season, though Season 6 would mark the first time anyone has taken on three roles. It seems likely that either Lana and Audrey would not appear in scenes for future episodes together or Audrey will not survive the farmhouse, allowing Paulson to take on the new role.

Wittrock’s Season 6 character was introduced in episode 7 and while he was killed off only a short while after, he saw plenty of action. His debut was subtle — so subtle, in fact, that most “American Horror Story” viewers didn’t even notice him.

Wittrock was first shown just barely in frame during the episode, holding a camera as Mama Polk (Frances Conroy) and another member of the family cut away at and ate pieces of Lee’s (Adina Porter) thigh. He shined more in episode 8, where he was tasked with guarding the former police officer. Wittrock’s character was new to the family murder business, however, and was easily swayed by Lee’s tricks. She was able to connect with him on a deeper level, tricking him into getting close to her — so close, in fact, that she was able to choke him until he passed out and then beat him over the head.

Wittrock’s character’s fate is not unlike that of Edward Philippe Mott (Evan Peters), Rory (Peters) and Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates), all of whom lasted only a few episodes.

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