The 16 American pro-democracy workers in Egypt, including the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, flew home on Thursday.

Egyptian officials said the U.S. citizens will still stand trial for illegally using millions of dollars to support pro-democracy activists without the approval of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, along with 27 other international aid workers from five foreign groups.

Some of the Egyptian defendants appeared in court on Sunday, but the trial was suspended until April, and it is unclear if the Americans will have to attend.

Without giving much detail, three judges in the case resigned on Tuesday, citing an uneasiness, embarrassment and possible interference from outside parties.

The Americans left in two groups, the first seven people arriving the U.S. on Thursday. The other nine were taken to the Cairo airport on Thursday evening by U.S. Embassy vans, and have flown to Cyprus on a special government plane.

The International Republican Institute, of which LaHood's son Sam was an employee, said that the decision is a positive development, but the NGO remains very concerned about the situation and our Egyptian employees along with the continuing investigations of Egyptian civil society groups and the impact it will have on Egypt’s ability to move forward with the democratic transition that so many Egyptians have sought.