Until recently, the p-word, or "p---y," unlike the word "d--k," was bleeped out on Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer." But no longer. At a panel about the show held in Los Angeles Saturday, reports Vulture, Schumer and the show's head writer and executive producer, Jessi Klein, said, "We can say "p---y" now!"

Amy Schumer, comedian and star of the sketch comedy show "Inside Amy Schumer" that debuted last April, combines the persona of an Everywoman-next-door with some of the bawdiest comedy on cable TV. In sketches starring Schumer as a woman navigating work, sex and relationships, there's almost no subject she won't tackle, and her daring critiques of sexism, racism and homophobia are rife with language that could make Howard Stern blush. But until recently, the p-word was bleeped out. 

Executive producer Dan Powell thought that was sexist, since Comedy Central allowed words like "d--k" to be used if they weren't in relation to sex acts. "Halfway through the first season," said Powell, "we started to realize that a lot of the show was addressing women's issues and gender politics. I'd written a letter, sort of like write I'd write to my congressman, and I guess it struck a chord." After conversations with Comedy Central's standards team, the network agreed to allow Schumer to say the word without a censoring bleep.

"That was Dan's 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,'" said Schumer, referring to the classic Jimmy Stewart film about one man trying to change Washington.

The sketch in which the word appears unbleeped for the first time was about a voiceover gig Amy gets with Jessica Alba and Megan Fox in a kids movie. "It's like Charlie's Angels, but with meerkats," her agent tells her. She's excited about it, until she realizes that unlike her co-stars, her animated meerkat character is "really fat, with twigs in its hair, and a huge...vagina." In the sketch, she says, "My character has a p---y."

Says Jessi Klein of the inaugural p-word usage, "It was a great moment in U.S. history."