Amy Winehouse's death could lead to a posthumous album release as her spokesman Chris Goodman said there is "plenty" of material. However, no decisions have been made yet on what to do those materials, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Winehouse died on Saturday of unexplained causes in her home in London. She was 27 years old. An autopsy on Monday failed to determine a cause of dead and further toxicology tests have been ordered. Those tests are expected within four weeks. She was buried on Tuesday and cremated after the funeral.

Police have said the British singer's death in "unexplained" but not suspicious. There are speculations that the Grammy-winning singer died of a drug and alcohol binge, but no drugs or paraphernalia were found in her home.

A source at Universal told The Hollywood Reporter that "framework" had been laid for a dozen songs on the potential album.

Amy Winehouse's album sales have increased since her death. The Back to Black album, which garnered her worldwide recognition re-entered the Billboard charts at No. 9 on Wednesday. Amy only released two albums in her lifetime.

Her father Mitch announced plans to open an Amy Winehouse Foundation to help those with addiction problems.