Norwegian police believe that Anders Behring Breivik acted alone, despite Breivik's claims in court that he was just one of many militant cells involved in the July 22 bombing and shooting in Oslo, Norway.

"We feel that the accused has fairly low credibility when it comes to this claim but none of us dare to be completely dismissive about it either," a source close to the police investigation told Reuters.

Breivik, who distributed a 1,500 page manifesto hours before he began his rampage that left 76 people dead, wrote that he was part of a newly re-established Knights Templar, and that he was a part of an organized crusade to save Europe from Marxist and Muslim conspirators.

Although they are following every lead, Police suspect that many of Breivik's claims are delusions. Breivik's defense attorney Geir Lippestad also implied that Breivik was "insane."

"He expects that this is a start of war that will last for 60 years. But his mind is very... well I don't want to comment more on his mind, but that's what he believes," the lawyer told reporters. "He looks upon himself as a warrior. And he started this war, and takes some kind of pride in that."

Breivik was, however, in contact with a number of right-wing European political parties. So far, police have discovered little more than comments on message boards, but Breivik did meet with a member of the English Defence League, a far-right party that has held a number of violent anti-Muslim demonstrations. Breivik, who portrayed himself as a British Citizen in his manifesto, has no official affiliation with the party, and EDL leader Stephen Lennon has denied ever hearing of Breivik before Friday.

In the manifesto, titled "2083: A European Declaration of Independence," Breivik gives instructions for the future knights in his army. He claims that Europe is already in the midst of a war, and he has detailed instruction and schedules for how the battles will proceed. Yet, when examined, it becomes clear that Breivik was working alone, building and fighting a conspiracy in his mind.

Breivik is currently on suicide watch, according to Norwegian officials. His lawyer stated that Breivik did not believe he would live through Friday's attacks.