A cool looking Android app is bound to attract our attention, and the app attracts us more if it's free for download. Though many free apps provide good service, yet sometimes they end up having limited functionality. But if you pay for them, you will get apps with full functionality.

But do you ever ask yourself if you really need the app, or is it just for the sake of the moment to show-off. How do you decide whether you should buy an app or not? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

A Cheaper Alternative: A smart buyer is one who looks for a cheaper or rather a free alternative to the app he is about to download. The best thing about apps is that there is always an alternative and you just need to be patient and search them. The Google Play Store is filled with a host of applications to choose from and you will always find the best alternatives or equivalents to apps if you read the description and ratings made by other users.

Trying Before Buying: It is a known fact that most developers provide a free trial for the paid apps they design. This helps interested customers get a taste of the app and also of the quality of service and customer care provided by the developer. Going through a free trial is always the best way to judge an app before you finally decide to shell out the cash.

Time Spent: Before you download the app, ask yourself as to how much time will you be spending when you finally get hold of the app after spending money. Don't decide on the basis of the availability of the app - that is if it's free or paid - as both of them will affect your device in some way, and we all know a hefty amount of apps on your device tends to slow down its progress. Moreover, they eat up your storage space. Thus choose only the ones that you really need to get on.

Regular Updates and Fixes: Remember to check that the app you are about to download gets regular updates and fixes from the developers. Currently, most Android app developers release important upgrades or updates regularly and such releases are often intended to fix bugs from earlier releases or to add support for more Android devices in the future. Sometimes they also bring about new functions and features.

Importance: Some users end up buying a certain app in the fit of the moment only to later realize that it's not that useful at all. This should never be the case as when you are shelling out a big amount of cash, you should always make sure that the app is actually worth all the money.