Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt scored a pow-wow with President Obama and White House officials on Wednesday, bringing together three very famous Americans in the same room.

The White House told The Associated Press that the famous couple stopped by so Jolie could talk to Obama about preventing mass atrocities and sexual violence against women. Pitt and Jolie were already in the nation's capital for a screening of the actress' Bosnian war film, In the Land of Blood and Honey at the Holocaust Museum.

Jolie's global ambassadorship at the U.N. has made her a humanitarian in addition to movie star. She also met with CIA Director David Petraeus for a private meeting at the agency's headquarters to discuss cultural trends in Afghanistan for her work with Afghan refugees, sources told the Associated Press. They met another time in Baghdad in 2008, while Petraues was top commander in Iraq.

The White House meeting comes after Jolie shared some critical words about the president, suggesting she didn't support Obama for a second term. She told the Daily Caller that she was disappointed in a few things Obama has done and wishes foreign aid was distributed differently.

Photographers caught Jolie and Pitt talking to Obama and White House staffers through the window Wednesday. Pitt was sporting thick-framed glasses and a cane, which he has been using since a skiing injury. Jolie wore an elegant black turtleneck dress.

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