Angry Birds Space only arrived last week, and yet it has already got over 10 million downloads in a three-day span. The announcement about the record-breaking number was made via Rovio’s official Angry Birds Twitter account. However, Rovio doesn’t plan to sit out for the rest of the year and bask in the game’s glory, but is already planning to release as many as four Angry Birds game.

Let’s take a closer look at the game.

The birds have reached the final frontier this time – outer space. The birds, needless to say, are still ticked off and are looking to inflict more pain on those green pigs and avenge the loss of eggs.

Rovio has applied the same basic principles of the original Angry Birds and has heavily improved upon them with some great new features and mechanics that have made the game fun yet different and unique.

Probably the most interesting addition to Angry Birds Space is the use of gravity and zero gravity space environments and combining both to create a unique environment. Now, instead of just simply catapulting the birds in the usual fashion, players must also keep in mind the effects of low gravity and how it will influence the birds.

The pigs, like always, spend most of their time crowding safely behind protective structures which are exclusively within the atmosphere of various planets and asteroids. The main challenge remains if the player can battle through the atmosphere of the asteroid and somehow knock the pigs out or thrust them into space where they will freeze, and the level will be won.

This time in place of the golden eggs, which were collected in the first Angry Birds to unlock new levels, players can collect “eggsteroids” which work in the same way. The bonus levels in Angry Birds Space are distinctively themed and pay deference to some of the classic games like Space Invaders, Super Mario and Breakout.

In Angry Birds Space, players can hurl the reputed red bird, the mini blue bird (which triples itself), the large lumbering green bird and the black bomb bird. The yellow triangle bird has also been worked upon by the developers this time to launch or boost specifically in the direction the player taps. A new ice bird has been added that freezes anything (both pigs and structures) it touches. It also has an alternate blast mode that not only will freeze larger objects around the bird, but will also destroy it.

Players will also have the ability to take advantage of the Mighty Eagle which has made a return from previous titles. However, this time around it has a slightly different use. The Eagle (dubbed the Space Eagle) is now a consumable (means players only have a fixed amount to use unless they collect or purchase more).

Now if the players aren’t interested to purchase the Eagles, they can unlock more by simply completing various difficult challenges or even by progressing in the game. May think that the great Eagle is not quite as powerful as it was in the previous Angry Birds titles, but it does pack a punch and can make life a living hell for those mean old pigs.

Improved Levels and DLC: Although the game itself only offers players the first 2/3 of levels and challenges, with an option to purchase DLC that provides access to the final 1/3 of the game’s levels for play, Angry Birds Space is considerably cheaper than most of the games on the market currently. However, some gamers have been surprised by Rovio’s newest marketing tactics.

The final 30 levels purchased via DLC offers a more challenging gameplay experience than the original levels of Angry Birds Space, and cost an additional 99 cents to unlock. Although few may object to such policies by Rovio, but it is only 99 cents. Others in the market with such popularity would have asked for more.

However, the basic game is still available for free but it is an ad-supported version which can be a real disturbance at times. But nonetheless, it is free.

But that doesn’t mean that the core 60 levels (2/3 scenarios) in Angry Birds Space are poorly designed, and in fact it’s exactly the opposite. Every level in Angry Birds Space offers a new and exciting approach to the popular tactics. Moreover, the bonus levels in the game also offer fresh experiences.

Rovio will be releasing more DLC in the form of challenges and additional levels.