It seems that Anna Faris had (or was?) a crazed, stalker roommate at some point in her life. The What's Your Number? actress was recently interviewed by Black Book magazine, and discussed numerous upcoming projects -- including Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator, in which Faris plays an organic farming activist.

Faris will be calling more of the shots in a project further down the line -- a comedy tentatively titled Besties that Faris told Black Book is loosely based on my own life... It's inspired by a stalker roommate.

Faris will produce and star in the comedy, which was written by Deanna Kizis. When the project was first announced in 2011, Faris was thought to be taking the role of Paige -- the stalkee -- with some reluctance. When Kizis asked her which character she wanted to play in a April 2011 New Yorker interview, Faris said the crazy one, definitely. But she later gave in to her agent's advice that she play the lead.

Now it sounds like it isn't a done deal.

My agent wants me to be the girl who is getting stalked, but I really want to be the stalker girl, I really do, Faris told Black Book. It would be so fun. I think I'm going to have to put my foot down. It would kill me to work with another actress who is having all the fun.

Besties does not yet have an entry on IMDB, though The Hollywood Reporter confirmed last year that Paramount had picked it up. According to the same article, the project was initially suggested by two of Faris' reps, after they heard the comedienne recount a funny incident that happened to her in real life.

Again, no indication about whether Faris was the stalker or the stalkee in the real-life incident.

Based on her performance in Just Friends -- where Faris plays an entitled pop star obsessed with a record industry executive who is still in love with his high school best friend -- we hope Faris means it when she says she's putting her foot down to play the stalker.

Here's a highlight reel of Faris as Samantha James in Just Friends: