Flashback scenes in “Ant-Man” will reportedly feature a younger version of 70-year-old Michael Douglas. According to Cinema Blend report, a “digitally de-aged” Douglas will be seen in the flashback sequences featuring Hank Pym (Douglas) and his wife Janet Van Dyne.

“Michael Douglas is playing the younger version of Hank, and we only see Janet, she’s in the helmet. She’s in the outfit, so you just sort of see eyes,” producer Kevin Feige said, on the film's website. It is not known which actress has been hired to play Van Dyne, who becomes Wasp to avenge the death of her father.

If Feige’s statement is anything to go by, then the complete identity of Pym’s wife will not be revealed. In the comics, Pym genetically alters Van Dyne to give her the ability to alter in size, fly at rapid speed and fire bio-electric energy stings. She is Pym’s superhero partner and the founder of the Avengers.

Feige also revealed that most of "Ant-Man" will take place in the present time. It has also been reported by the website that “Ant-Man will begin in 1989, with Pym arguing with the heads of S.H.I.E.L.D about stealing his research.

“Ant-Man” centers on thief Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who must aid his mentor Pym to safeguard the Ant-Man technology, which allows its owner increase in strength and decrease in size. Lang must plot a heist as Ant-Man to save the world from lurking danger.

Peyton Reed has directed the film and according to him it is “grounded in the real world.” “What I like about it is it’s very much the real world. But we get to view that world from a radically different perspective. And that’s the fun of the movie. I would say it’s more grounded, but there’s some wild swings in this movie, too,” he told Yahoo Movies.

“Ant-Man” opens July 17.