The student who received a crotch shot from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) suggested that the photo may have been intended for a porn star who follows the Congressman on Twitter.

Adult film actress Ginger Lee has a history of posting amorous Wiener-related entries to her blog that include I want to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner and Is it too early in the day for me to start doing Anthony Weiner love? according to the New York Post.

That storyline thickened today when the student who received the photo suggested that Weiner had not been the victim of hackers or a prank, as he has steadfastly maintained, but instead intended to send it to Lee.

Her name is Ginger - it makes sense he might have mixed us up, she told Politico.

Weiner has been uder scrutiny since news broke of the lascivious tweet, and his attempts to downplay the incident as a prank have been endlessly dissected by the media. While he has repeatedly denied sending the tweet to the student, he has said that he is unable to say with certitude that the photo is not of him, and his seemingly evasive responses to journalists' questions has come under scrutiny.

Weiner dismissed the fact that Lee had received a message from his Twitter account, calling it a pro forma message that goes out to everyone who follows him.