NY Representative Anthony Weiner’s press conference on Monday afternoon was shocking, to say the least.

Below are the key confessions he made.

- He sent out the tweet himself (a hacker didn’t do it) to the 21-year-old Seattle woman

- He meant to send it as a direct message to a particular woman in Seattle as a joke, but he sent it as a public tweet to the wrong Seattle woman

- After he realized his mistake, he panicked, deleted the tweet, and quickly claimed he had been hacked

- He continued to stick to this lie throughout the following week

- In the last few years, he conducted several “inappropriate conversation” with six young women over Twitter, Facebook, email, and sometimes on the phone (Weiner said these women were not minors, to the best of his knowledge)

- He exchanged explicit photos with these six women

- He said he never met any of these women and never had any physical extramarital relationships with anyone

- He and his wife will not split up over this incident.  He said when he broke the news to his wife, she was angry but also said that she loved him

- He informed his wife of his lies about the Weinergate incident on Monday morning.  He told his staff and Nancy Pelosi in the afternoon

- Weiner said he didn’t break any laws or oaths to his office.  He therefore plans to continue serving his term as a Representative.  He said if any of his constituents chooses not to vote for him in the future because of his lewd photo or his lying about it, he understands.