Finding the scene where Bogart bids a poignant goodbye to Bergman in Casablanca just got easier.

Warner Bros. has tapped AnyClip Media to slice, dice and tag its library of feature films, so film lovers can better search for their favorite clips, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Among the 60 movies included in the deal are the Harry Potter and Batman movies, Ocean's Eleven, Sex and the City, The Wizard of Oz, 300, Se7en and The Shining.

AnyClip expects to add 300 more titles over the next few months.

Each film is tagged with more than 5,000 unique individual elements, the company said.

The repository of video clips and data will make any movie moment from these films more easily searchable on the web, which they can then post on their Facebook pages or on Twitter.

AnyClip declined to comment on the specifics of the deal with Warner Brothers. The company's recently revamped website directs customer to Netflix and iTunes, where they can purchase films.

It will also have paid advertising. In essence, the short clips serve as previews for DVDs, Blu-rays and digital downloads.

Launched in 2009, AnyClip also has deals with Universal Pictures, Vivendi Entertainment, and Indie distribution firms such as First Look and Virgil Films.

The company said it has access to over 12,000 films and over 50,000 clips.