Apple is set to finally take the wraps off its third generation iPad at a press event in San Francisco today. According to earlier announcements by the Cupertino-based company, the event is scheduled to be held at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. ET) at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco.

The latest round of rumors about the most anticipated features of the next iPad has set the tech world on fire with Apple enthusiasts around the world going crazy about the device.

If rumors are to be believed, the next generation iPad aka iPad 3 or iPad HD will be thicker than the iPad 2. It will feature a much faster A5X chip, 4G LTE compatibility, a 9.7-inch retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolutions, improved graphics and a larger battery. Speculations also suggest Apple may introduce more robust Smart Cover for the new iPad, Cydia Blog reported.

Using its HTTP Live Streaming technology that requires a Mac or iOS device running Safari, Apple streamed the iPod music event in September 2010 and the Back to the Mac event in October 2010.

However, the company didn't provide any live stream for the iPad 2 launch, iOS 5 preview and iPhone 4S launch last year. Although it seems that there won't be a public live stream of the next iPad event, you can watch live coverage of the event in USTREAM. Click here for the Live Coverage The iPad 3 Event March 2012 USTREAM page.

Apple is expected to make streaming and downloadable versions of the event available a few hours after the keynote. You can find Apple Keynotes here or on iTunes.

Below are some links to the Web sites where you can get the complete coverage of the Apple event. These sites will be live blogging the iPad 3 media event.

1. Gizmodo iPad 3 Live Blogging: As the event progresses, iPad liveblog and posts will be updated constantly throughout the day here.

2. SlashGear Live Blog: SlashGear will be live blogging the event here.

3. The Verge iPad 3 Live Blogging: The Verge will be live blogging Apple's announcement of the next iPad here.

4. Engadget Live Blog: You can get live updates of the Apple iPad event in the live blog page provided by Engadget.

5. GDGT Live: GDGT will be providing live Apple iPad 3 event coverage here.

6. ArsTechnica Live: You can visit this site for live updates of the Apple iPad event.

7. TechnoBuffalo iPad 3 Live Blog: You can also bookmark this site for live blog coverage of the Apple media event.

8. UberGizmo iPad 3 Live Blog: This Web site allows users to turn on auto updating every 30 seconds, or disable the auto updating.

9. Macworld Live: Macworld will be offering live coverage of whatever the Apple announces in the event.

10. CNET Live Blog: CNET will get you live news from Apple's special event.

Apple iPad 3 Event March 7 Time Zones:

13:00 - New York, New York

10:00 - San Francisco, California

08:00 - Honolulu, Hawaii

05:00 - Sydney, Australia

03:00 - Tokyo, Japan

02:00 - Shanghai, China

23:30 - New Delhi, India

22:00 - Moscow, Russia

19:00 - Rome, Italy

18:00 - London, England

To get the exact time in your city, click here.

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