Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) made several major announcements at its iPad event on Tuesday, including the introduction of the fifth-generation iPad, the iPad Air.

The iPad Air is thinner, lighter, and faster than its predecessor, weighing in at just one pound. The new iPad is 20 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the current fourth-generation iPad, making it the lightest tablet on the market.

The iPad Air, which is set to be released Nov. 1, has a 9.7 inch screen, new form factor, and will cost $499 to $929.

Apple was proud to introduce the iPad Air but they also discussed the newly revamped iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is a little faster, due to its new A7 processor, and it's a bit heavier thanks to its beautiful Retina display.

But, it wasn't all about the iPad on Tuesday. Apple also reintroduced its 2013 Mac Pro, which is the company's fastest and most expandable desktop computer. The new Mac Pro will be available in December and its price will start at $2,999.

Apple announced the newest version of its Mac operating system, OS X Mavericks, and the good news is that it's free and ready for download.

New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops were also introduced and they go on sale immediately, featuring better graphics, longer battery life, faster flash storage, and next-generation Wi-Fi.

IBTimes Tech Editor Dave Smith has the latest scoop on Apple's new products.