The Apple iPhone 5 rumor mill has been running at full steam over the past week. Supposedly leaked specifications and photographs of the coming phone have been all over the Internet. Now, a lesser-known site by the name of KitGuru has released photos that it claims show the latest iteration of the iPhone.

It is entirely possible the photos are less than legitimate, but they do appear to correspond with several popular rumors that have emerged over the past few weeks.

After the Samsung Note and Galazy S3 took the tech world by storm with their much larger screens, it seems that Apple might be playing along and increasing the size of the iPhone's screen, as well. The photos show the supposed iPhone 5 alongside a 4S, giving a good scale of the new phone's possible size.

Even if these pictures aren't completely legitimate, they still give us a good idea of what the new phone may look like. The photos show a larger screen than on the 4S, as well as a brand-new 19-pin mini connector that has been all-but-confirmed over the past few weeks.


The photos also line up with the popular rumor that the new iPhone's headphone jack will be moved to the bottom of the phone near the dock.


Other features the iPhone 5 is expected to have include crack-proof glass, LTE connectivity, an OLED display, and 3-D photography and object recognition.

While rumors have been flying around for a while, it might not be long before Apple puts them to rest. The latest rumors speculate the newest iPhone will be unveiled at a keynote event on Aug. 7. So hopefully these rumors can be put to rest over the next few weeks, and consumers can finally get a good idea of Apple's latest product.