Apple’s iPhone 5 event in September introduced the world to one of the most anticipated smartphones in history, but the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer design firm may not be done, as rumors have indicated there may be a second gadget launch this fall.

Recently-discovered records in Apple’s developer logs hint that in addition to debuting a new iPad Mini, Apple may also introduce an updated version of the Retina Display iPad that launched this March, which many had originally labeled "iPad 3," according to Slash Gear.

The "new iPad" currently features an A5X dual-core chip, but a developer poking through Apple’s standard logs has now found a new iPad designation labeled as iPad 3,6, which comes with the A6 processor first introduced in the iPhone 5.

This means if Apple does plan to hold another gadget launch event before the holiday season, fans might see a variation on the newest iPad, along with a brand-new iPad Mini. The unveiling event is rumored to be announced this month, as numerous reports from sources such as CNN have said that Apple will host another media event to introduce iTunes 11.

The listing for "iPad 3,6" comes after three iterations of the Retina Display iPad that are currently on the market: the iPad 3,1, the iPad 3,2, and the iPad 3,3. Each of these iPads features their own specifications based on the mobile carrier they are or are not with.

Another report from Slash Gear earlier this month indicated that new versions of the iPad 2 may also be in the works, as the iPad 2,5 and iPad 2,6 have also appeared in developer logs. This could mean that Apple intends to roll out an update to its line of iPads all at once.

It seems likely that the iPad Mini could be a part of this iPad 2 lineup, given that previous rumors have suggested the smaller Apple tablet would feature the same specifications as their second-generation device.

Several sources have compared the iPad Mini to the iPad 2, reports tech news site, referring to the Mini as a less expensive alternative for iOS fans that do not need the extra screen space found on the most recent iPad and its predecessors.

Apple is known for keeping its forthcoming products under wraps, and although the iOS device maker refuses to confirm the existence of an iPad Mini until its official reveal date, evidence continues to surface through the media as it did for the iPhone 5.

The most recent giveaway contributing to the iPad Mini rumor mill came from The Wall Street Journal, which reported how Asian suppliers for Apple have begun mass production of the miniature tablet.

The release of an iPad Mini, which is expected to come with a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display, keeps Apple competitive against rivals Google and Amazon. These two Internet giants have launched their respective Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD tabs that feature a smaller body and display than Apple’s slates.